Garage Door Springs, Riverview, FL

Only a skilled garage door technician should ever touch the garage door springs on your Riverview garage door.

Garage Door Springs in Riverview, Florida

When you look at the garage door on your home or office garage, you’ll see a number of moving parts. Without these critical components, your door wouldn’t be safe for use. The heavy door could slip off its track and cause injury to anyone nearby or damage to your possessions. One of the most important parts of the garage door system is the springs, which help to offset the weight of the door. On most garages, the springs are torsion, which means that they store mechanical energy as they compress. When they compress, the twisting motion applies torque in the opposing direction. As a result, that torque allows the door to open or close.

Garage door springs are weight-bearing, which means that if they become damaged, the door becomes very unsafe. It’s important to keep an eye on the springs and make sure they’re in good condition. Only a skilled garage door technician should ever touch the garage door springs. Trying to fix or replace springs yourself could cause the door to fall off the track, which could cause damage beyond repair. You could also get seriously injured in the process.

If you’re in the Riverview, Florida area, you can rely on us at Copper Top Garage Doors for anything related to your garage door springs. We have years of experience and have worked on doors and systems from many of the top brands. Our technicians know how to handle the garage door springs and other components properly, ensuring that your door is safe for use at all times.

At Copper Top Garage Doors, we offer installation and repair services for garage door springs in Riverview, Tampa, Sun City Center, Lithia, Brandon, Plant City, Wimauma, Carrollwood, Northdale, Town ‘n’ Country, Seffner, and Valrico, Florida.