4 Ways to Tell it's Time for Garage Door Repair

Over the years and after many cycles, it is likely that your garage door will be in need of some repair work. Sometimes it can be difficult to tell when it is time to complete these repairs, but there are often several signs that a part or system isn’t working as it should. Here are four ways you can easily tell it is time for garage door repair:

  1. If your garage door shakes excessively when moving up and down, chances are something is off. It could be as simple as a loose screw or something more serious, like rollers coming off the tracks. Either way, too much shaking or vibration of a garage door is usually a clear sign you will need to invest in garage door repair.
  2. Abnormal sounds are another fairly obvious sign something is off. While every garage door will make noise during a cycle, screeching or grinding sounds can help you tell some part needs to be repaired.
  3. If you notice pieces of your garage door are worn out, broken, or otherwise damaged, repairing these sections will extend the life of your garage door and prevent the problem from getting worse.
  4. A garage door that is uneven or doesn’t close properly on one side requires repairs. If the weight of your garage door is distributed unevenly, it can cause tension and excessive wear on one area of the system, which can become potentially dangerous. In addition, even small cracks or openings under your garage door can allow bugs and other pests inside your home.

If these situations or others are causing you to worry about your garage door, our team at Copper Top Garage Doors can help with all kinds of garage door repair. Call us today!