garage door repair warning signs

We often don’t realize how much we depend on a part of our routine until that part stops working and our routine is brought to a screeching halt! One example of these dependable parts in our routine is a functioning garage door. Without one, you can be literally stuck until it is fixed. A simpler way would be to avoid drastic problems in the first place, and in order to do that, you’ll need to watch out for warning signs that can signal to you that you are headed for garage door repairs, including some of the following:

  • Uneven opening- If your garage door tends to struggle on one side more than the other, than your door needs to be re-worked and repaired before more serious issues occur.
  • Off-balance door- Many garage doors rely on weight and counterbalance measures to open and close smoothly. If your garage door is off-balance in terms of weight, however, a garage door repair might be in your future.
  • Grinding or halting- A functioning garage door should work without a lot of noise. Proper lubrication is key to a garage door working smoothly, so if there are noises being made anywhere, take note and call for garage door repairs.
  • Won’t move- If your garage door is refusing to move up or down, that’s a sure sign of garage door repair needs! Sometimes this can just be an issue with the opener battery, but others it can be a more serious problem.

If you would like to learn more about garage door repair warning signs, then give us a call at Copper Top Garage Doors today. We would love to help you with your garage door issues.