Insulated garage doors also help save on energy costs

The garage door has a big impact on the exterior look of your home. When looking to update your home, replacing the garage door is one of the best decisions you can make. It is also one of the most affordable updates you can make on the exterior of a home. There are two main types of doors to choose from: insulated garage doors and non-insulated garage doors. Below are some of the different benefits of these two types of doors.

  • Insulated Garage Doors – An insulated garage door has two layers of steel (or other material of your choice) with insulation between the layers. This is usually the best choice for most garages that are attached to a home. We recommend an insulated garage door for both hot and cold climates. They are great for keeping both cold and hot temperatures outside, therefore allowing for a more comfortable garage environment. Insulated garage doors also help save on energy costs. Even if you don’t heat or cool your garage, an attached garage can change the temperature of the home. Insulated garage doors are more durable, as they are made of two steel panels with solid-core insulation between the panels. This makes the garage door tougher and able to better withstand bumps and dings.  Insulated garage doors are also more quiet than non-insulated doors. This is especially ideal for any living space next to or above the garage. In addition, they are better at dampening outside noises.
  • Non-Insulated Garage Doors – A non-insulated garage door has a single layer of steal. They can be a good choice for a detached garage or in places with very mild weather. A non-insulated garage door can also be less expensive than an insulated garage door.

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