The Various Types of Garage Door Openers to Consider

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There are many reasons why you might be in the market for a new garage door opener. Perhaps your family is getting tired of the racket yours makes, especially when you wake them up because you leave for work early or get home late at night. It might be so noisy that you even get the neighborhood dogs riled up. The good news is that garage door openers do not have to be so irritatingly noisy. Newer models operate almost silently, particularly belt drive models that operate quieter than chain drive ones.

The Various Types of Garage Door Openers to Consider

Another consideration for replacing your garage door opener is speed. When you are in a hurry, waiting for that door to rise or lower can seem like an eternity. Again, newer technology makes for a better experience. The best type of garage door openers to choose when speed is a concern is a screw drive opener. They are fast and don’t need lubrication.

If budget is your main concern in order to replace a malfunctioning opener at the lowest cost, consider chain drive garage door openers. They are the best value and are known for reliability. Whichever type of garage door opener you end up with, the important thing is knowing what to expect from it. Decide which features mean the most to you and convey that to your garage door repair specialist to get the best results.

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