Garage Doors: The Basics

You want to learn more about garage doors! The good news is you’ve come to the right place. Our team of experts here at Copper Top Garage Doors have constructed the article below to educate you on garage door basics. Keep reading to learn more.

A garage door is an important element to any home or business. Its purpose is to provide safety, protection from the elements and pests, and is large enough to accommodate vehicles. Garage doors are either manual or run by an electric motor. There are all kinds of different styles, types, and sizes of garage doors, depending on your personal style, business, or other unique need.

There are many different parts to garage doors. These parts include:

  • An opener: This is the big box that you see near the ceiling in your garage and is a big part (as the name suggests) in opening garage doors.
  • Springs: Springs are made of metal in a coil shape and help with lifting heavy garage doors.
  • Tube Shaft: A tube shaft helps transfer power and is located directly above the door.
  • Drums: The drums are at the bottom of garage doors and help stabilize the door and all of the working parts.
  • Cables: The cables help make the door much easier to lift.
  • Track: The track ensures that the garage door is moving up and down in the right direction.
  • Rollers: The rollers help make opening and closing the door smoother.
  • Retainer: The retainer helps hold the seal in place.
  • Bottom Seal: This is made of rubber and helps to keep out critters.
  • Safety Sensors: The sensors prevent the garage door from going down when there is something or someone in its path.