Truck Restraints, Riverview, FL

Increase the safety of your loading dock with a truck restraint.

Truck Restraints in Riverview, Florida

Increasing safety at the loading dock is one of your goals as a business owner in the Riverview, Florida area. You want to prevent forklift accidents caused by a truck accidentally departing from the dock or moving away due to unloading momentum. Equipping your dock with a truck restraint is the answer, and at Copper Top Garage Doors, we offer truck restraints that prevent accidents by automatically securing the trailer to the dock area.

When properly applied to a dock loading area, truck restraints offer the following benefits:

  • Eliminate the ongoing issue of missing wheel chocks
  • Allow many types of trailers and trucks to be secured to the space, minimizing the risk of injuries and accidents
  • Improve worker and driver safety by preventing trailer creep, early truck departures, and forklift fall off

Many of our truck restraints can be integrated with a stop-and-go light communication system for added safety. We also highly recommend these systems because they are a simple way to improve loading dock safety at a minimal cost.

We offer several state-of-the-art truck restraints that can be applied to nearly any type of facility with a loading dock. After selection, our team of talented professionals can carefully install the truck restraint for maximum benefit.

If you have questions about truck restraints and how they can enhance safety at your loading dock, we have answers! Reach out to us at Copper Top Garage Doors today to explore your truck restraint options and to find out more about these essential safety devices.