Garage Door Remotes Have Come a Long Way

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Remember when kids were the “remotes” of the family? They got up to change the television channels, got out of the car to open the garage door, and so forth. Today, most of us couldn’t imagine life without remotes and just like television remotes can do some pretty amazing things, so can some of the newest garage door remotes on the market.

Garage Door Remotes Have Come a Long Way

You are probably familiar with the term ‘universal remote’ and how it applies to having your television, cable box, sound system, and more all operate from one remote. Garage door remotes can also work like that if you get a model designed for homes with more than one garage door.

Another feature to look for is the addition of a keyless entry for those times when you aren’t in your vehicle yet want to open the garage door from the outside. With the use of a numeric or fingerprint keypad, you’ll be able to get into your home if you get locked out or while you’re doing yardwork or another activity.

Today’s garage door remotes are also high-tech in terms of security. With rolling-code technology that uses a new code each time, it is highly unlikely that accidental opening will occur. If you are looking to replace existing garage door remotes, you’ll need ones that work with the opener you have. If you want to be able to select from everything out there, keep in mind you may need to replace the opener as well. That’s not a bad thing because openers have come a long way, too. Some even offer the ability to use your smartphone.

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